Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April Apron

A fun trip to Chicago curbed my last minute sit-down-at-the-machine sewing time so a lot of this guy was hand sewn on the go. I am pretty happy with it's overall springy look and I seem to have anticipated the May/June Tie One On theme of "pockets". I am surprised how "mod" my tastes are at the moment. My friend Christie made that kooky little beaded owl staring out at you from the detail view.

Chicago was lovely. It went from winter (though I know 40 degree temps don't really count as winter in Chicago) to summer (91 degrees?!?) in 2 days. We saw some friends, some bookstores (this is awesome and now it's mine, too), some music (the point of the trip) and some culture here and there. This painting was really my favorite, though. That blue...it is really wonderful to see paintings in person that you have only seen in reproductions. One fellow there was determined not to forget his experience. He moved methodically from painting to painting, snapping a picture of each one. I don't recall seeing him look at painting except through the viewfinder.

A drink in a fancy place. (Palmer Hotel--now a Hilton, but I'm ignoring that modernization.)

Some appealing public modern art.
(We're not the only ones taking our picture there.)

My kind of town, indeed.


Barbara C. said...

Oh my gosh, that rick rack is out of this world. It is beautiful!!!!
Great apron!!!
Barbara C.

Luck(x8) said...

Hey, thanks!